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Drama CD: Translation Masterlist. Author. Miki .Related wiki. Otome Amino 2016-2017 Challenge Masterlist. afujis tumblr for translations/reviews for drama cds but also otome game related posts, seiyuu and other random things.Vol.2 Utsuro Episode (Cv. Ichigo Milk / Shiraishi Minoru). [ Drama CD translations behind cut! This series is an R18 drama CD (this CD and my translation is not meant for minors.Hello, Otome Lovers! Nice to meet you all! ()() We are Team Citrus, a small group of translators who enjoy otome games and drama CDs. Your current browser isnt compatible with SoundCloud. Please download one of our supported browsers. Need help? Sorry! Something went wrong. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Oujo-chan. otome translation blog. Hiya, Im Meru Nice to meetcha. This is my otome blog for things I translate such as drama cds or comic pages once in a while.CD 1 . See, thats what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I dont wanna. Shoujo Love Otome. Shoujo manga, otome games, kawaii shit and so much more in this blog!there will be R18 stuff so be warned!! Nameless Drama CD Translation. otome-jikan: Their proposal is such a great opportunity for better things to come if everyone can take advantage of it now.

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otome-jikan posted this. R18 Otome Drama CD Translations. With my Japanese powers I bring you translations! Nothing like then he talks about or drama cd summaries here! Just pure, unadulterated (lol), minimal comment, translation! R18 otome drama cd translations. Now I have two Cool-B magazines to write up on.Find and follow posts tagged r18 drama cd on tumblr. makino hideki r18 drama cd otome cd makinohideki. Likes otome games and RPGs. For ONLY translations, follow my translation blog For ONLY drawings, follow my art blog.Rune Factory 4 special drama CD, track 2. feat. Margaret (Aoi Yuuki) and Lest (Kouki Uchiyama). As requested by a friend. Download or listen free in MP3 format!Mai-Otome Drama CD Shizuru Viola Memoirs (9:26)Morikawa Toshiyuki Otome Drama Cd r18 (15:02) Bonus CD Translation. Translations arent mine. Links lead to the original translation.Posted 1 year ago with 195 notes bad medicine infectious teachers otome drama cd audio drama Itou Kentarou. For this drama cd , i think it not much yandere. WARNING : its Incest !)No Translation , but you can read THIS review to understand >>> HERE. Thank you to s-o-a-r-a for sharing with me her files before I my own CD arrived and for giving me permission to use it as a basis for translation! This post will be regularly updated as I translate each track so please keep an eye out for this post (). If there are other TsukiPro drama CDs you want Ask us things Submit a post Otome Jikan on Tumblr.Taisho Alice is the first otome game series from Primula, the company behind the Sengoku Soine drama CD series. Ris SM Pref Litmus Test. Putting the Tumblr Drama CD fandom on the spot. And I think this is one of the biggest problem in drama CD, Otome Games or even ShoujoCan you please link the translation of Dark Night Princess Volume 3 : Stellaworth Tokuten that you love so much? : Thanatos Night Rejet English Translation Otome Thanatos Night Translation Not DL Drama CD Otome Drama CD The aesthetic is what drew me in to checking it out b/c itsPlease do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post.

Its your life. U decide. otome drama cd. Post navigation. Older posts.Also, this is not 100 translation. If theres any mistake, please point it out to me. Enjoy! To get the latest updates asap, follow me on tumblr. Otome Drama CD W DARLING VOL. 1. CV. Nakazawa Masatomo. T/N: THIS IS ONE HELL OF A CD TO TRANSLATE because I got nosebleed like twice on different days while trying to translate the H parts I started thinking maybe this is a sign godTranslation (source from teyuuka.tumblr.com). Its one of my favourite r18 drama cd along with the 3d inma, the 1st yonshoku no shihaisha and some others. I like its story, slow pace and shy but still masculine character with HOTBLOODYHELL voice() Hope youd like this translation though it may not be 100 accurate so please May you list all the 3P (and/or 4P) otome drama CDs you can recommend me? Im obsessed with those at the moment :3 One guy is not enough for me right now XD.Another drama cd translation, this time with the lovely Suzuki Yuuto as our younger, inexperienced boyfriend. This is a side blog dedicated for the Otome fandom, which will consist a lot of seiyuus, drama cd translations, otome/r18 drama cds, otome games, and more. Tamura Takuokami / Eguchi Takuya). [ Drama CD translations behind cut NSFW and extremely explicit text4) For users who doesnt have tumblr a/c, please email us: dramatalkcdhotmail.com. 5) Please, by all means, REQUEST ONLY DRAMA CDS (including R18, BLCD, game otome). otome drama CD. The Prince of Grimm town Cinderella (TRANSLATION).Love Marionette Tune Mimosa (Translation). in Drama CD / Translation December 26, 2016. spread love! We are a group of translators who really enjoy otome games and drama CDs.About FAQ Game Translations CD Translations Miscellaneous. UPDATES. Translation Requests: CLOSED! Follow on Tumblr. Ask me anything. RSS Feed.Completed Translation List. Current Future Projects. Lena/24/BL/seiyuu fangirl/otome gamer. Saito Souma is ruining my life. Mainly translations and occasional reblogs!Season 2. Drama CD 1 -Dont work too hard! Otome. Manga.Osananajimi no Kare- Hino Satoshis Drama CD- Black Route: Unfortunately for this one I couldnt find the soundtrack for this translation but ill put in a warning for anyone who wants to read it! drama cd.r18 otome. almost mistook this for a velvet voice release because samamiya-sensei is doing the artwork for this series. We have the release date and potato quality jacket cover done by Kuromitsu Kinako(the same person who did the game art) for the Kenka Bancho Otome Drama CD : Alice in Shishiku and the Theme Song and Soundtrack featuring the opening Translation (Tumblr: augustoctobervixen). Translations arent mine. Links lead to the original translation.Posted 3 years ago with 69 notes shinsengumi kekkonroku wasurenagusa wasurenagusa drama cd translation otome audio drama. Hi! I cant get the translation of the fifth and ninth volume! please help! for the 9th volume it seems i need a password to get into the tumblr account that has the translation . forDont spoiled my mood to share new Otome Drama CD! Yeah! Back to the topic about Yandere, I had found one Otome Talk about Drama CD, I have a lot(errits enough to called it a lot?) of Drama CD! And all my collection I share in My DeviantArt account. The first Drama CDs collection that I share is Shukan Soine( and start from this series I become addicted to Otome Drama CD XDD). Translator: Channa T/N: Heres my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy-- Painfully Loving You-Seno Naozumi- Kouyoshi-sama Otome Drama CD R18 Drama CD Suzy translates. Drama CD Translations. This list is only sorted by seiyuu. The CD titles are in order of translation and NOT in alphabetical order, so I suggest using CTRL-F or CMD-F to find a specific title.Buy BL Otome Doujin CDs. About the Kareshi Igai Type-D : X Kare no Otouto to no Drama CD I actually havent heard of it but it seems good! Thanks for the info and the translation link!Otome Game Mystic Messenger. Okay so I am so excited for this game! Having played both Dandelion and Nameless I know for a fact that Titre - Title : Diabolik Lovers Subhead - Sous-Titre : See below - Voir plus bas Status -Statut : Complet - Complete Character - Personnage : Raito Sakamaki Otome Game/Drama CD List! Ai no Poem Aisaresugite xx Sarechau (Vol. 2) [R18] Akogareno Situation (Vol. 7) Aroma Na Kareshi (Vol. 4) Anata Ga Onsen De Noboseru (VolI realize this is still incomplete. I will be updating it gradually as I listen to more myself. Ill probably link available translations later. Otome drama CDs translations. Menu. Skip to content.Shukan Soine CD Series Special: Masaya | Morikawa Toshiyuki. March 13, 2014March 13, 2014kanracarli Leave a comment. Otona no Meruhen Mizushima Takahiro Otome Drama CD R18 Drama CD Suzy translates.Please reblog or link to my original posting here on tumblr if you wish to share this translation! Where I vent all of my otome feelings Nickname - OtomeInsanity Location - Japan Languages - English Japanese OK2/2 Boyfriend Angel Demon : Okamoto Nobuhiko (Animate point prize drama CD). Amemakura volume 2 : Taniyama Kishou [translation]. Im Myo, here I post my vocaloid translations and other neat stuff - enjoy your visit! English monthly lineup/summary for all otome and drama CD . On the otome path. Where I learn japanese just to date fake guys.I meant to write my own review, but this one reflects my own thoughts perfectly. Its SO exciting to finally have an english drama cd to listen to! Sweet Voices 003. otome jikan 004. 005. fromjapan 006. tenso 007.wakannaiyo hi! youve stumbled upon a (beginner) drama CD related translation/review site (japanese-english).There are also many tumblr users out there who put in effort to provide translated information about Sukuna Hikona Otome Journal. A Journal for My Hobbies. [Translation] Diabolik Lovers Volume 1: Sakamaki Ayato.Aaaarrghhh, I didnt think anyone would translate this drama cd!! Thank you sooo mucchhh! MY OTOME/DRAMA CD CATALOG This is a list of my otome /talk/character/situation/drama CD collections (NOT including BL CDs) in alphabetical order. The reason for making this catalog is explained here The first (if Im not mistaken — Id love you to correct me, internet) English-original otome drama CD, Our School Love is a series of cute, high school dating-themed situation stories starring the three guys above. Drama CD Translations All translations are my own work and may contain errors, please do not use or repost without permission.Rejet trash, I translate things. Likes otome games, seiyuus, utaites. Diabolik Lovers Translations . Drama CD Translations . The list of Otome Drama CDs that I had shared in My DeviantArts Journal accountSweet Voices. Tumblr (random). Drama cds Translation. Dramacds Translation TEAM. CD Translation in Espanol (Just in case the fellow Spanish are around my journal Otome Drama CD Problems Recently I got really obssesed into otome drama cds, like REALLY OBSSESSED into them and I found myself facing a lot of problems.sorry my tumblr is messy and I dont group them by tags

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