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Only some version of the PS3 have backwards compatibilaity ( Play PS2 games) I think those version that do are the 40 and 60GB Not sure about the 20gb But I knwo for a fact that the newest PS3 80gb will not play ps2 games. PS3 games are region free (the vast majority of them, its still an option for the publisher). But when it comes to PS2, PS1, DVDs and BDs the region coding for whatever region your PS3 is from still applies. Every PS3 can play PS2 Classics, theyre sold from the Playstation Store. never played a PS2 Classic, this menu doesnt appear on your console. Protip 3 Some PS3 games have copy-protected save files. I play a lot of PS2 games on my PS3 and I have some PS2 gamesaves in .max MAX Drive format.You could get one of those PS2 memory card adapters, a ps2, the save them to the ps2 memory card, then copy it to the ps3, not worth the bother imo. Ive bought a PS2/PS3 memory card adapter unit from store and it did nothing, I tried on my friends PS3 to see if anything can be done there. thought for what I want/NEED it to do it WONT soHeres a forum thread that explains how to transfer game saves back and forth between your PS2 and your PC. PS2 Games as a pkg. Install ISO File Converter then transfer the pkg file to a .iso file. Any problems pm me.rickypkemp.

Save Point. 6. Posts. Is it possible to run Ps2 games from ISO files on my slim ps3 if I switch from ofw to cfw 4.82? I know it must be a dumb question, but Im wondering if I want to switch to cfw or nor. 35 comments. share. save. hide. What they mean by patches is that some games were updated, to fix bugs, etc, some games dont have updates, but you also need a ps2 online configuration saved on a virtual memory card to play online, which you can get in most online ps2 games. PS Vita/PS3 Interactivity - Are the Two Better Together? How to Easily Set Up Remote Play on your PSP and PS3.

Can Video Games Be Saved From Reality? How to Play PSP Games on Your TV. What Made PlayStation 3 the Worlds Most Popular Home Video Console? [TUTORIAL] How to Play PS2 games on ALL PS3 slim models. Discussion in PlayStation 3 Modding Tutorials started by RespectCartman, Jun 27, 2014 with 44 replies and 157,331 views. to play ps2 games on the ps3, just simply put any ps2 disc in, and under game the game will appear, click it and WAHLA. The only problem is your going to have to restart each of your game data sicne they were saved on a memory card, unless you buy the PS3 adaptor (around 9.99) Enjoy PS2 games on old FAT PS3 which have PS2 chip built in for backwards compatibility.For recording I used a Live Gamer HD Capture Card some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems Some of the PS2 emulator types (such ps2gxemu.self, ps2netemu.self) are able to load config commands that are applyed "by game ID".Once you have all the lines you need and have everything copy and pasted to them, save the file with a name matching the games name, with file extension Open PS2 guitar hero metallica manual code 360 . Want to play some of the PlayStation 2 classics, singles 2 1.4 patch but you dont have your PS2 handy? Heres how you can play any PS2 game on your PC! Similar questions: save PS1 games PS2 memory card health website. " "Does anyone know why my ps2 all of a sudden wont play ps1 games.Can I use a Ps1 gameshark to play ps1 games on my ps2. While the PS2 cannot play PS3 games, some early models of the PlayStation 3 console are capable of playing PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games. These models have been discontinued. How to copy ps1 and ps2 files to ps3. How To Transfer Playstation 2 Save Game Files from PC to Console.How to Create a Digital PS1 PS2 Memory Card how to se PS2 System Data. How to Play PS2 Games on all PS3 Systems. Latest emulators for PS3,WiiU,Wii,PS2,Xbox360,Xbox,3DS,PSV,PS,NDS,PSP,GBA,N64,DC,Arcade and . File Size:66.91MB can i games on ps26) modified ps3netsrv for network games (nethost) 7) prepNTFS for PS3/PSX/BD/DVD ISOS stored all cheats in gta 5 for ps3 on external NTFS drives. ps1 games on my ps3 only backwards compatible ps3s can play ps2 games a dualshock 4 isOnce registered you will gain. well kind of now you can play back ups of games dont know if game can be downloaded i think you may need physical copy at first but after you save to ps3. now i play can i PS1/PS2 game saves from GameFAQs to USB to PS3? Answered.PlayStation Plus - Free PS4 Games Lineup December 2017. GS News Update: PlayStation Boss On Why They Waited So Long To Announce Sucker Punchs New Game. You need to set up a virtual ps2 memory card onto the ps3 hdd. its under the games menu on the xmb. To Get PlayStation games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles from PlayStation official websites. For PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How to play ps2 games ona a ps3 ?". I was wanting to take a direct PS3 game save(not PS2/PS1) convert that over to PS2 format to use directly on a modded PS2 system.I havent found anything in this regard. Umya, you cant use PS3 game saves for ps2 games. thats like Shows u how to save ur ps2 games on ur ps3 works on a 60gb and a 80g wont work on 20gb or 40gb Thanks ClAdY. Any ps3 can play ps1 games! ps1 and ps2 games can be saved on to the ps3 As long as you have the memory card adapter.You can save ps1 games on any ps3 even on the slim. I have a PS2, a PS3/PS2 Sony memcard reader, a few Sony 8MB memcards, and PCSX2 on my laptop. I want to save my PCSX2 games onto my Sony memcard or transfer them from my PC to my memcard(s) when i get home (PCSX2 is my portable PS2 if you will). Can I play PS2 games on my PS3? Comments. If you are a gamer, chances are that you know you can download some games for your computer.Downloading games to your PS3 will save money, and the time it takes to go to the store and purchase the games. Can a 60gb phat PS3 with two USB slots play PS2 games? TOPIC TITLE REPLIES AUTHOR POSTED can i ps2 games on my ps3 ON PS Plus: We think so because it will save you a lot of money! I have the official-Sony PS1/PS2 Memory Card Adapter and Ive had no problems transferring saves back and fourth. I usually play my PS1 games on my PS3 since I dont have to fumble with memory cards and it takes advantage of the PS3s smoothing feature and up-scaling ability. PS3 USB Mod- Chip Play Games from PS3 Hard Disk. PS Jailbreak is the first mod chip for PS3 game files.

Moreover, it can be used to rip the original PS3 games that you have and save them in your hard drive. hey ,please help me,i cant save ps 2 game on my ps3 slim running cfw 4.70 v.1.02 i have created internal memory and already to assign slot 1 and slot 2 and i have ps2 save data system from ps 2 classic but after i run ps2 game on ps2 classic ,im. This is a tutorial on how to play ps2 games on non-Backwards.To download video: Right click on the following button and select "Save Link As". 720P HD (mp4) 360P (mp4) 240P Mobile ( 3gp). I took milanistas option file (ps3 form) and tranfered it to my ps3. It worked ok. Then, i made some fixes on the greek teams etc and saved it to myEvo-Web. Home Forums > Games Discussion > Pro Evolution Soccer >. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media How To Share PS, PS2 and PS3 Game Save Data and Game System Data Files With Your PS3 and PC.Not all PS3 Game Saves can be shared. Some are "locked" to the game console that first created it. For a list of games that cannot be shared, click here You can jailbreak a PS3 to play PS2 games. Doing so will void your warranty and can get you banned from the PlayStation Network.In order to save your PS2 games, youll need to create a virtual Memory Card that the PS2 game will treat as a physical card. draft saved.Play PS2 data on remastered PS3 game. 10. Is the slim PS3 capable of playing PS1 and PS2 games? 2. Can I transfer PS2 data from my PS3 onto a PS2 memory card? How to Play PS2 games on PS3? SingStar games typically ship with 30 songs. hey skidrow bro can you either compress this naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst or rip it for easy download please I would appreciate if you save to ps3 . Yes you can save any ps2 game you are playing on a PS3. You need a memory card adapter to save to a ps2 card otherwise you just create a virtual memory card on the hard-drive and save to that. If your ps3 is b/c then yes, all you do is creat a virtual memory card. And it doesnt cost an arm and a leg per megabyte like a ps2 mem card STILL does. I suspect you want to transfer your season when you were playing on the ps2, though. You can copy your saves onto your ps3 virtual cards using a So Im trying to figure out a way to use some "unlock all stuff" cheats for a handful of PS2 games on my PS3.So my question is, is it possible to convert PCSX2 saves to PS2 Classics format for use on the PS3? Ive checked and the save from my Season 1400 Days playthrough is still in tact and saved on my PS3, but Season 2 claims its unable to find it. I really dont want to have to play with randomised choices, especially when my save game is just sitting there. shows u how to save ur ps2 games on ur ps3 works on a 60gb and a 80g wont work on 20gb or 40gb Thanks ClAdY Возможность бесплатно смотреть и скачать сотни тысяч Видео Роликов: Клипы Приколы Драки Аварии Спорт Comedy Трейлеры и многие другие бесплатные Видео. Can you play PC and PS3 games on a PS2? What is game share on PS3? How can I transfer a downloaded game from my PS3 to another PS3?Is there a way to save PS1 games on a PS3? Ps2 classics manager,I dont use them [ .vme savefiles] I found A way to transfer all my save games from ps2 to ps3.It was quite exploring but found an easy way. to be able to run ps2 games on my Non BD ps3 (ps3 Silm).3) how can I get my ps2 saves from my old ps2 to ps3? (I have copied the saves from my FreeMCboot ps2 using Launch Elf manger (to .psu and copied them over in MC format). Where to Get PS2 Games for PS3 Consoles Not Compatible. Just because a PS 3 is not directly compatible doesnt mean that one cant play their favorite PS2 titles on a PS3.How to Save Game Progress for PS2 Games on the PS3. I did this for GTA San Andreas, but im pretty sure the same concept can be applied to all other PS2/PS1 Playstation store downloaded games. Works on all Post subject: Re: KH2.5 PS2/PSP and PS3 Saves interchangeable. Hello! I have found your instructions to be rather confusing.I could try again next month with the PS4 version of the games, assuming there is an equivalent program to Bruteforce SaveData for the PS4. Playstation - saving ps1 and 2 games on ps3. Hello All! Could someone tell me, please, how to save the ps1 and ps2 games I purchased for the kids on ps3 store (crash games)? I recently downloaded some save files for PS2 games to use on my PS3, problem is they are in .max and .cbs formats. I dont own a PS2 anymore and IveDiscussion in Game/Console Discussion started by jsmith1185, Aug 12, 2010.

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