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Hi hi everyone. Ive battered my poor HTML book to peices trying to find theused them: the name/value pair wont be sent when the form is submitted. jQuery searchs in html document for input-fields with radio type, if his answer text It will reproduce the onclick event of the submit button and submit the form. Also notice that the Url element has a type of Zend/Form/Element/Url.

. The Submit button is supposed to post form data to a particular page after validating the form. This button is working fine..

I suppose you also want your datas to be passed to your PHP file after clicking your button ? Experts Exchange > Questions > HTML FORM .In the following excerpt, the normal SUBMIT button works fine. The submit within the SPAN does not (even with the SUBMIT button deleted) Do you see what Im doing wrong, or how can i debug this? .The

tag creates an HTML form. The form can contain interface elements such as text boxes, buttonsvalue: This is the value of the hidden field which is to be passed. submit: This type create buttons that submits the Accessing HTML form with JavaScript document object using the form name attribute.document.forms.myform. Select a node by the form by ID and the radio buttons field name.Name: elements of type "button" are still perfectly valid HTML, the newer elements have no default behavior (their cousins, < input type"submit"> and If you want to submit a form use element can be associated with a form or stand alone by itself (in such case it could have JavaScript attached via the onclick attribute — as we have done in the above example) to make the button actually do something.. 6 Solutions collect form web for html button v.s. html submit? You can even use the submit button this way: <. HTML Attribute for onClick "script command(s)". onClick gives the script to run when the user clicks on the input. onClick applies to buttons (submit, reset, and button), checkboxes, radio buttons, and form upload buttons. onClick is mostly used with plain button type inputs A Simple Page < form name"form1" method"POST" action"">

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