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How do you work the Nike sensor on the iPod touch?It is a sensor that is bought separately from the iPod or iPhone. It is place in the bottom of a Nike plus shoe to help you with running. It tell you your pace, jog time, distance and your remaining time or distance. If using the iPod or the iPhone 3GS, iTunes software can be used to view the walk or run history. On September 7, 2010, Nike released the Nike GPS App, which used a tracking engine powered by MotionX that does not require the separate shoe sensor. This application works using the Forum post reveals Nike is working on a fix for several issues emerging after the release of iOS 4.Users of supported iPhone and iPod touch models are reporting a flurry of issues using the exercise companion system, including difficulties in linking with the sensor, the inability to resume a workout My guess is that on the iPhone 5 your table can display all rows at once, while on the shorter iPod touch, the last one or two cells arent visible and -cellForRowAtIndexPath: thus returns nil, which makes your app crash. Everytime I try to do a work out it say please walk around to activate your sensor. I walked around for like 20 minutes and it still says the same thing.NikeIpod sensor wont activate on my iPhone 4? The Nike iPod Sport Kit was released on May 20, 2006. Now you can transform your iPod Nano, iPod Touch (2nd generation or later), iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 into a personal workout coach with the Nike iPod Sport Kit. To connect it to iPhone or iPod touch go to settings then scroll down to Nike iPod and enable the app, then scroll down press on sensor and it will detect your sensor.Plastic case for iPad that works with Smart Cover. Small Portable Electronic scale. With a Nike iPod Sensor (sold separately), the Nike iPod app provides audible feedback. on your speed, distance, time elapsed, and calories burned during a run or walk.automatically links the sensor to iPhone.

This wireless sensor works with your iPod nano, iPod touch (2nd generation or later), iPhone 3GS or later, to track your workouts. Insert it into the built-in pocket beneath the insole of your Nike shoe and pair it with your existing Nike iPod receiver attached to your iPod nano. Read the Nike Ipod sensor Instructions completely, so that you enjoy running with the sensor and get accurate results!Sync the sensor and your Ipod touch, Ipod Nano, or Iphone by turning on the Ipod and waiting for Nike to recognize the sensor. 1. It does not work for iPhone 6/6 Plus. 2. Built-in battery can not be replaced or recharged.NEW GENUINE Apple Nike Nike Plus Shoe Sensor Nik iPod Sensor Running Shoes Sensor for Apple Nike iPod sensor NEW Unwanted gift Thanks for looking and good luck on bidding :) Please note I will post up to 5 working days after receivedTransform your iPod nano, iPod touch (2nd generation or later), iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 into a personal workout coach with the Nike iPod Sport Kit. We all know that being healthy means working out your body. Some of us do what we have to do in the gym, some of us are addicted to any outdoor activity that exists and some of us dont do anything.Architecture Books. more awesome stuff from. iPhone/iPod. How To Work a Nike Sensor eHow.iPhone - Apple. Proximity sensor Ambient light sensor Power adapter outperforms strictest global energy efficiency standards Nike iPod Sensor.

Nobody on Nike can search for you, view your profile or view your activity. You will not be able to add friends.On your iPhone, go to Me and tap the Settings button. Then follow the on-screen directions.Plug your iPod Nano into your computer. Buy Apple Nike iPod Sensor featuring Works With Nike Shoes, For iPod touch (2G or Later) iPod nano For iPhone (3GS or Later).Vista, Windows XP Home or Professional (SP3) or later Internet access and a free account. I can get Message from im, and I can access the iPod app.Why wont the proximity sensor respond? have replaced the screen on a black iphone 4. Normally if the sensor stops working, it is because the new screen is a light colored one like pink. Working SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe.Nike iPod Sensor Review and Setup - Duration: 7:19. BZTechHD 257,488 views.Fix Nike iPod on iPod touch and iPhone Running iOS 4.1 - Duration: 2:13. patttpatttyoooo 24,011 views. Nike Sensor. Price: 15. Apple has worked with Nike since 2008 on the NikeiPod system. With this, you can measure the speed and distance on the iPhone (or iPod touch) while you run. Note: You can create custom workout shortcuts only on iPhone 3G S and iPod touch (2nd generation). To delete a custom workout shortcut on iPhone 3G S and iPod touch: Choose Nike iPod, and then tap My Workouts. Unfortunately, this mode does not work on iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, all iPad models iPod touch.The ambient light sensor and proximity can replace the notorious co-processor, determining, lay the device face down or not. According to Nike the new Nike GPS app will work with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the iPod Touch (second, third, and fourth generation). The new Nike app is not free, but for a mere 1.99 it is well worth the download. Besides that is cheaper than actually buying the Nike sensor. For parts or not working 457 Nike iPod Transmitter Sport Kit iPhone 3GS iPod Touch 2nd Gen iPod Nano Other MP3 Player Accessories Location: Rochford,United Kingdom SS43RD GB Seller: benny147 | 100.0 positive See details. New 30073 NEW Nike iPod Sensor A1193 Apple iPhone NIKE PLUS IPHONE WIRELESS WALKING RUNNING SENSOR FOR IPHONE, IPOD Lace Pouch.Nike iPod sensor New in box Fitness tool designed by Apple and Nike Works with iPhone 3 and newer, iPod 2nd 3rd and 4th gen and all iPod nano models. It has been confirmed that Nike will only work with the 2G iPod touch and not the iPhone or 1G iPod touch. Apple confirmed this information to Gizmodo: Owners of the first-gen iPod touch, the iPhone and iPhone 3G are locked out Model: NikeiPod Sport Kit, Sensor. Price: 19-29. Compatible: iPod nano, iPod touch 2G, iPhone 3GS.How Does the Sport Kit Work: The NikeiPod Menus (Click here for details.) The NikeiPod menu lets you choose your preferred workout from 4 primary options: Basic ("just get me working CadNYC demonstrates how to open the Nike iPod sensor casing. Replacing the iPod Nike sensor battery is easy and low cost with a few simple steps. First, place the sensor in a vice clamp and saw off the casing using a very thin hacksaw blade. then I use Nike (iPod Nano and iPhone 3Gs) to run and measure all my distances, they even have a website that you canP.S. I do not have a Nike Shoes I use Asics, and I just put the sensor above my foot, works great!I posted at Nike support and the answer is that they are thinking about it. iPhone 4 Additional support for AVRCP-supported accessoriesincluding: iPhone 4 proximity sensor performance iPhone 3G performance NikeiPod fixes Bluetooth improvements.I have iPhone 3GS (32Gig) with OS 4.1. The phone is not working with EDGE, only 3G. mm iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4,and iPod touch:Choose Settings > Nike iPod > Remote, then link or unlink the remote. Working Out with iPod Nano (6th Generation) and a Heart RateiPod nano (6th generation): Choose Settings > Nike iPod > Sensor, tap Link, then follow the onscreen instructions. But heres my experience with the Nike sensor and iPhone.And good simple fitness or running watches usually work best for that. Especially lately, that I realizeI have turned on the nike ipod in settings, linked a sensor, and when I run, there is nothing on the lock screen and no audio feedback. Unfortunately, existing iPod Touch owners and iPhone owners will be unable to use the new software due to a lack of the proper receiver.NikeiPod is a system that allows runners to track their running process through the use of a special in shoe sensor. I want iOS 8 back Please bring the nikeiPod app back! iPhone 4S.

Posted on Sep 17, 2015 7:27 AM.I doubt there was anything in the agreement of sale that said the sensor would work forever, that Nike would support it forever. The nice people at Sparkfun electronics have discected one of those iPod nike sensors.Link It appears to be a PICmicro with a transmitter chip, the sensing is done using a Peizo speaker as an impact sensor. iphones 4 nike ipod.IpodNike Ad. Fix Nike iPod on iPod touch and iPhone Running iOS 4.1. Hardware Review and Linking the Nike Sport Watch to the Nike Sensor. I was just wondering if the NikeiPod sensors have a battery and if it does, can it die?The device must be restored from the computer it was last synced with. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Wrong passcode results in red disabled screen iOS: Understanding passcodes iTunes: Backing up, updating, and Heart Rate Monitor 27 Working Out with iPod nano (6th Generation). and a Heart Rate Monitor 29 Linking to Another Sensor 30 Putting the Nike iPod Sensor to Sleep 31 ImportantNike iPod is supported by iPhone (3GS or later), all iPod nano models1, and iPod touch (2nd generation or later). Nike iPod Sensor Kit for Apple iPhone iPod NA0013-100 NIB Buy: 9.95. Time Left: 29 days, 16 hours, 22 minutes and 46 seconds Other iPod Audio Player Accs - Norwalk,CT,USA. Nike iPod collects workout data from a wireless sensor (sold separately) that you attach to your shoe.This accessory is not supported by iPhone appears. The accessory you attached may not work with iPhone. Solution proximity not working iphone 6. Just replace your front flex cable with the sensors and camera on it. It will fix your proximity problem. I had a few iphone 6 that had the same problem after screen replacement. Nike iPod is a native app available in the iPhone, iPod touch and iPod nano that allows you to pair the app to a Nike Sensor and track your workouts. Scroll down and tap Nike iPod. At the top of the screen you will see an on/off switch next to " Nike iPod".I tried activating the sensor and it wont work?An iPod touch running IOS 4.0 or later. A Nike Running Sensor. Nike compatible trainers. Once you are done with the set up of Nike iPod Sensor in your shoe, the next step is to set up few settings in your iPhone.Now, tap on the Sensor disclosure button, you will get a demo voice saying that move around to check whether Nike iPod Sensor is working or not. Grab your iPod nano, iPod touch, or iPhone 3GS, a pair of Nike shoes, and the Nike iPod Sport Kit or Sensor.You can leave the sensor in your shoe even when youre not working out. Step 2 Attach the receiver (sold separately) to your iPod nano. Working Out with Nike iPod. After activating Nike iPod and inserting the Nike iPod Sensor in your Nike ready shoe, you can use Nike iPod for your workouts. Work out using Nike iPod: 1 In Nike iPod on iPhone, tap Workouts, then choose a type of workout. NikeRunning is compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus down to iPhone 3GS and iPod touch.[2]Nike Running App, powered by MotionX, on an iPhone 4. The sensor and iPod kit were revealedThis new product works with the Nike SportBand and the fifth generation iPod nano in Id prefer to use the Running app. I have an iPhone 4s and just bought a new pair of Nike Structures. I also bought the Nike iPod Sensor.need to buy the sensor (which I did), but she also warned me that the specific RUNNING app does not work with the sensor, and I would need to use the Nike This application works using the accelerometer and GPS of the iPhone and the accelerometer of the iPod Touch, which does not have a GPS chip.Nike has released the sensor for individual sale meaning that consumers no longer have to purchase the whole set (the iPod receiver and sensor). Link and calibrate your sensor. Work out. Nike iPod Settings. At a glance.To link the sensor to iPhone, attach the sensor to your shoe, then go to Settings > Nike iPod > Sensor. Be accurate. combination with a Nike iPod enabled iPod media player or iPhone.The Watchs heart rate sensor and accelerometer work on their own, and the The Nike Running app for Apple Watch requires an iPhone nearby to function.

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