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Tagged with: 2017 List Most Viewed Youtube Video 2017 most viewed youtube video in history Top 10 Top Viewed Youtube. Previous: What happens to your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts when you die. Please subscribe for more videos! Turn on notifications so you dont miss a new video! .Hybrid player allows you to enable YouTube player on your website where YouTube is not banned. More News. The Billion View Club: YouTubes Most Watched Music Videos.The last still reigned supreme as the place to visit for the visual accompaniment to the days hit songs. Being a hip-hop song, it attracted a lot of viewers on YouTube. On 13th February 2015, the video was released featuring Katy Perry in the roleIt became the most viewed video on youtube in June 2010 and after gangnam style, it was the second YouTube video to receive 1 billion views in March 2014. Here, are the list of top 5 most viewed Youtube video songs. 5. Blank Space. Singer : Taylor Swift Views :915,957,580 Upload Date :November 10, 2014.The official music video remains the second most-viewed video all-time on YouTube. It had been the most-viewed from July 12, 2010 until Most Watched YouTube Music Videos of 2014. 10. Nicki Minaj Anaconda.Released on last June 11, the song has gained over 365.3 million views on YouTube alone. Whats special about this song to make it on the list? With a record 80.8 million views and counting, Personally , the 2014 hit song by the duo of Nigerian celebrity twins Peter and Paul Okoye, P-Square is the most watched Nigerian Male music video on YouTube and sixth most watched African music video on youtube. This list of most-disliked YouTube videos contains the top 50 videos with the most dislikes of all time, as derived from YouTube charts. The dislike count is taken directly from the page of the video itself. YouTube implemented a like and dislike button on these pages in 2010 This music video was uploaded to YouTube on the 11th of June 2014.

Meghan Trainor is a 22 year old American singer and music composer.What do you mean? This is the 3rd song of Justin Bieber within the top 20 most viewed on YouTube.

The Viral Video Chart picks up on the most powerful and commonly watched videos on YouTube right now. From the biggest songs to hilariousTop 10 Most-viewed 4K Films in 2014. Common Green Screen Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. Comparing the Best Streaming Media Players. and no, were not talking about the Justin Bieber remix. Despacito, the hit song from Latin American breakout artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, has officially become the most viewed video on YouTube. 2014s Most Played Music Videos 1. Katy Perry, "Dark Horse ft.Carlinhos Brown" 4. "We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song] (Olodum Mix)" 5. Enrique Iglesias, "Bailando (Espaol) ft. Youtube views are a big deal because it is the most popular online video consumption platform.Filed Under: Lists, Videos Tagged With: David, Download Latest Dbanj Songs 2018 | Dbanj Music Video, Download Latest Yemi Alade Songs 2018 Music Video Album, J martins, Latest Psquare These Are YouTubes 10 Most Popular Music Videos Ever.In fact, Psys "Gangnam Style," long-reigning king until recently, became so pervasive in 2014 it forcedMaybe thats why, for almost five years, "Gangnam Style" reigned as YouTubes most viewed video after busting the sites play counter. Top Most Popular Videos on Youtube in 2014.Search results can the sorted on the basis of relevance, view count, title, rating and publish date. Now you can download songs, movies, episodes, trailers, clips or any Youtube video without visitng the Youtube site with hassle free Most Viewed On Youtube. 18 February 2013 . Best remixes of Summer (Rihanna,Pitbull,Tom Boxer,Sasha LopezPeople, heres a page Facebook where me and a friend share new club songs (like this) and some of our work. In a truly shocking amount of time, Luis Fonsis Despacito has become the most-viewed YouTube video of all time. The international hit and undisputed songSeven videos from 2015 and nine from 2014 populate the list. Three videos from 2016 made the cut: Work From Home by Fifth Harmony Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankees hit previously became the most streamed song ever last month. Despacito has broken the record for most viewed YouTube video of all time. Whats the most viewed video on YouTube? We know that there are many nice quality videos on YouTube. For me, I like to enjoy the YouTube music videos online.Sugar is a song from American pop rock band, Maroon 5 for their fifth album, V, issued in 2014. Its official video debuted in 2015 Add this video to one of your collections: Use YouTube Video Collections to save, share, and work with YouTube videos in a musician-friendly way. learn more. This music video was released on 17 November 2014 and features Bruno Mars, Ronson and the Hooligans dancing in the streets.This is the third most viewed song on Youtube and was recorded by Justin Bieber for his fourth music album, Purpose. Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos 2014.Top 100 Most Viewed Songs Of All Time on YouTube as of November 1, 2016 Please note that by the time you see this video, the views might have changed . 1:. P-Square- Personally (64 Million Views). Peter and Paul have over the years served the world with good music. They have many songs on YoutubeThe video for the song has since garnered over 45 million views on YouTube, and earned Yemi two Headies awards in 2014 for Best Pop Single and Every one of the 10 most watched videos ads on YouTube in the U.S. for August 2014 generated over 1 million views, with the top ad attracting an incredible 8 million. The most viewed ad, for Madden NFL 15, was uploaded to YouTube on August 15th by EA Sports Despacito becomes the first Spanish-language song to top the Billboard Hot 100. Khalifa and Puth had little time to enjoy See You Agains being YouTubes most-viewed video ever last month. After it dethroned Psys 2012 song Gangnam Style Views: 935,689,364. Uploaded: August 9, 2014. This first non-music video on this list is also a song, but for kids. The original track is a United Kingdom folk song. This funny song is often sung by children on bus trips to keep themselves amused. SEE ALSO: 10 Most Popular YouTube Kids Ever. A countdown of YouTubes 100 most viewed videos of all time as of September 1, 2014. Добавлено: 5 год. elizatrevena 5 год. Top 50 YouTube Most Viewed Songs Of All Time. A stunning dance-off in the streets anchored the 2014 international smashs video.Unarguably one of the most played songs of 2015, Biebers Sorry has gone well over the 2 billion viewers mark with 2,292,647Its amazing how this video has continued to maintain the highest views on YouTube. Awesome Songs About Mothers That You Should Check Out 10 Websites You Can Waste Your Time On (Other than Facebook and Youtube) Throwback: 10 Songs We Dont Understand The Lyrics But Became Popular 10 Things You Can DoFreshly Baked. Top 14 Most Liked People Of Cebu In 2014. YouTubes Most Viewed Page has videos that are likely to be worth watching.Note that a number of videos from the Most Recent page are listed here — this goes to show how many viewers your video can attract in the brief time that it appears on the Most Recent page. All that being said, if you take a look at the top 10 most-watched YouTube videos of all-time, you probably shouldnt be too surprised that theyre all musicTaylor Swift Shake it Off 1.26 billion views. A fun and catchy jingle, this song was everywhere during the summer of 2014. Katie Perry ft. We have some great videos already in Youtube and its time we take a look at those. With either positive or negative critics these songs have made themselves very popular. Let us take a look at the top 10 viral music videos of all time on youtube. The list below shows you the current top ten most viewed YouTube videos. On August 4, 2017, "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee surpassed "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth to become the most viewed video on YouTube. Go directioners! skspajdalfsks. TOP100 compilation of the worst songs 2014.The Most viewed Video clip On YouTube!!!! Bulldog Mom and baby playing cute videos. Though "Shake It Off" is so popular that not even police officers are immune to, its not the most-viewed music video in 2014.While the majority of top comments on YouTube berate the singers appearance in the video for being "chubby" and "fat", the songs message that a girls size This was certainly everywhere on 2014, but it is still a good song that everyone hates. It has a great vocal performance and the lyrics are good.Home9Most Viewed YouTube Videos. For this weeks instalment of Music Video Monday we highlight 2015s most viewed music videos on youtube.Top 100 songs of 2013 youtube playlist. Sitemap. Categories. Pearly Penile Papules 2014. The most-viewed YouTube videos. Posted on December 3, 2014 by Randy Olson Posted in data visualization.2 Eminem songs on top 30 videos this is great. I just wish it was better songs.most talked about people of the year, but she doesnt have the most- viewed music video of 2014. YouTube released its list of the most-watched music videos of the year. Shakira makes the listMost people couldnt stop playing a Katy Perry song which has racked up more than 700 million views. Uploaded : June 2014. Lyrically the song discusses positive body image. With 16 weeks in total it holds the record for total most weeks in number one at the SlovenianWatch Game of Thrones Season 7 online and offline. Best anime websites. Despacito becomes the most-viewed Youtube video ever. Since then, dozens of videos have surpassed a billion views, and a handful have hit the two billion mark. Here are the 10 most watched YouTubeReleased in 2014, the video has been watched more than 2.1 billion times. Described by PopMatters as "likely the best of Swifts career", the song Considering you will prefer to know the top 10 rather than top 30 most viewed videos on YouTube, at first of part, we will list the top 10 most watched YouTube videos to date.While the most watched YouTube video is his 2014 hit song, Bailando (Espaol). "Baby" surpassed "Bad Romance" as the most viewed video on July 16, 2010[47] second video to reach 1 billion views on March 4, 2014[48] currentlyThe songs music video has been viewed over 2.80 billion times on YouTube, and has been YouTubes most watched video since November 24 Опубликовано: 26 июн. 2017 г. Top 100 Most Viewed Music Videos on YouTube 2014.Top 100 Most Viewed Songs Of All Time - (UPDATED JULY 2017) - Продолжительность: 22:39 MichiiMusicCharts 1 269 просмотров. A list of most viewed YouTube videos under the category of music are. 1. PSY GENTLEMAN M/V by officialpsy. This music YouTube video got 601,539I am a great fan of YouTube and I used watch movies and YouTube video songs when I feel bored with blogging.

This is my beloved one, do watch! The most popular or most viewed video on YouTube is PSYs Gangnam style, even it broke the YouTubes views counter when the value of the counter goes beyond 32-bit integer value (2,147,483,647) in 2014.Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO]. 25 Most Viewed Video Songs On Youtube Photos, 820346 - Filmibeat Gallery /photo-feature/25- most-viewed-video-songs-on-youtube/photos-c63-e63835-p820346.html. 4, 2017, YouTube announced that the music video for the No. 1 hit song Despacito has become the most viewed clip on YouTube of all-time.31, 2014. Editorial Cartoons on Donald Trump. In just over a year since its release, Katy Perrys controversial video has rocketed towards the top of the most-viewed chart.Read more: Most watched non-music YouTube videos of 2014 YouTubes best videos of 2014 YouTube could launch subscription service for ad-free original videos. Most viewed videos in the past 24 hours | 2018-03-01 18:30 EDT. Based on the view counter on YouTube.Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO].

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