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This example shows how to select nodes from XML document by attribute value. Use method XmlNode.SelectNodes to get list of nodes selected by the XPath expression. Suppose we have this XML file. XML Attribute to HTML select value using jquery. I am new to jquery.I have an XML file contaning names of countries,states and cities.Adding Attributes to XML file Linq C. Hello I wanna add a Test (common) attribute to all my XML files. So that I could use it as a common attribute when I This article tells us how to retrieve a value of an element depending on the attribute value.I have a web site where I need to read some data as static but I want to be able to update it any time, so I decided to read it from an XML file and use LINQ to XML. Private ConfigurationRoot As System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of System. Xml.Linq.XElement).Updating XML Tags Attributes Values in .NET. Passing arguments from a dynamic control to AddHandler in VB.NET. var people from p in data.Elements("person"). orderby (string)p.

Attribute("id"). select p (tested on a phone to confirm too.) Based on the question you linked to, this works Ive got a XML file and Im trying to extract some information from The file has a list of products and their attributes.if(Attributes[0] "ID" Attributes[1].Value "thisValue") select(product) Unfortunately, Im not quite sure how Id do this with LINQ. What is the best way to handle null Attributes when assigning the value in an LINQ query? See the code snippet below, many new PersonsSportsInfo . XML. in my xml file how i can select the value for attributes TagId in ServiceAssignment elements by linq to xml. LINQ to XML Traversal.

Written By:- Isha new StudentId name.Element("id").Value, StudentNamename.Element("name"). ValueSyntax of Attribute in LINQ c - How to get elements by name in XML using LINQ - c - how to get Attribute Value using linq to xml? - c - Selecting elements from XML file using LINQ - Select nodes Linq to Xml C - Query an XML Document Using LINQ to XML - Intertech Blog LINQ By Example 5: LINQ To XML Querying How can I remove any element in xml based on matched attribute value?select elemet foreach (var e in elementsToRemove) e.Remove() LINQ is a query language, its (mainly) used to return something. By using XML to DataTable with LINQ you can display XML in GridView. Hope below example may help you to solve your question.dr[oRegValue.Attribute("Id").Value] oRegValue.Attribute("v").Value Like AS-CIIs answer, but without using a query expression (except for the outer one), and with the cast for XAttribute, and selecting the str element value inside an anonymous type: Select new Product.Product . FamilyName rt.Descendants("arr"). .Where(x > (string) x. Attribute Summarized in a method: Public IEnumerable GetAttributes(string modelName, string colour) . XDocument mappings XDocument.Load("D:colourmappings. xml") Var q1 . From elm in mappings.Descendants("model")."artist") select new name c.Element("name").Value, imgUrl c.Element("image"). Value how can I specify needed image attribute(sizebig) in query.I bet there is a much more elegant way to do this using Linq-to-xml - but I couldnt quite manage it: foreach(XElement xe in feed.Descendants XML Query On Attributes Using LINQ. .net - Update 2 Table Values In One Query In LINQ?Im selecting specific data from my datacontext then trying to assign it to a label, ideally I want to assign the value to a class attribute so I can use the users details on multiple pages. SQL XML select multiple attributes 2015-07-17. i just need your help. I was looking for a solution, but nothing works yet.I am quite new to Linq to XML trying to Parse a xml string retrieve its attribute Value using Linq to XML in C. Heres my way to filter values in XML and bind to new XML: The explanation is based on a "Reminder" application I wrote using VS2010 WPF/C.2. Select all the "Reminder" nodes with Status"Active". private void my xml(). In this XML file, i would like to get all the IDs written in the ID attributes.List IDsInDistantXML xdoc.Root.Elements("PressRelease"). .Select(pr > (int)pr. Attribute("id")). .ToList() PS: the XML file is correctly found. up vote 4 down vote favorite 2 I have an xml file that returns a set of elements that are unique by a attribute value. This presents a problem, as I can not select a node by its name: .here is my linq to xml query: var query from rt in results. LINQ to XML is a programming interface that lets the developers use LINQ ( Language Integrated Query)Id like to select the node that has the customer ID equal to 80. Normally, before LINQ was a partNote, that you cannot use Convert.ToString() instead of (string) to compare the attribute value LINQ to XML Programming Guide LINQ to XML Axes.How to: Retrieve the Value of an Attribute.IEnumerable elList from el in cust.Descendants("Phone") select el foreach (XElement el in elList) Console.WriteLine((string)el. Attribute("type")) Select nm. Console.WriteLine("Details of Female Employees:") For Each xEle As XElement In name.Next xEle. Output: 5.

How Do I access Specific Element having a Specific Attribute using LINQ to XML. Let us see how to list all the Home Phone Nos. select new . Name e.Element("Name").Value, Location e.Attribute ("Location").ValueI created a method and ran my linq-to-xml query in there. The query works well but there are a couple records where expected nodes dont exist just like in your example. Instead, you want to select based on the existence of the attribute. The XPath expression isSee Also. LINQ to XML for XPath Users (C). Lets assume that the attribute "hello" is an optional attribute of the "something" element with a default value set to "false". When using XDocument of XML LINQ, the attribute is missing, causing the program to fail while trying to read it .Contains(w.Attribute("userid").Value)) But it is giving me an error: The type arguments for method System. Linq.Enumerable.Contains(System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable, TSource) cannot be inferred from the usage.Category: Xml Tags: linq, select, xml. Related Articles. select all attributes and its value for a given node- Linq in xml. I have an xml file that looks like this elements. using System using System.Collections using System.Collections.Generic using System. Linq using System.Xml.Linq class Program .IEnumerable query from cust in data.Elements(). where (int?)cust. Attribute("credit") > 100. select cust.Attribute("name").Value Im very new to how linq to xml works, and cant write proper query. How can I fix it?My XML int.Parse(l.Attribute ("Id").Value)) In the above XML we have find the max and min in the attributes value. select new ItemObject . ItemObjectStringProperty xElem.Element("itemtext"). Value, ) to extract a list of the itemtext objects for use with my code.Relatedc - Convert XML attributes to a Dictionary in Linq to XML. 27 select new. FirstName r.Element("FirstName").Value, Age r.Element("Age"). Value Linq to XML simple get attribute from node statement up vote 2 down vote favorite Ok so heres the code snippet.string result var childType from t in themes.Descendants() where t. Attribute(name).Value.Equals(theme) select new value t.Attribute(type). Value select item.Attribute("path").Value string path01 path1.toArray()[0] That is not working, and Im not sure why. Im sorry if that is a beginners question, but I havent done a lot with xml linq yet. Linq to XML, select all attributes and their values for a .SelectMany(m > m. Attributes())) In query Select element with given attribute using linq to xml. Get value of an Xml attribute using Linq to cfg.Attribute("Name")) The problem starts with the Variable Name attributes that are under the Task nodes because I also need the information about the Task Name. c xml linq el.Attribute("typeID").Value foreach (string el in result) . typeID.Add(Convert.ToInt32(el)) However the foreach statement never fires. I want to select xml node based on attribute. Im very new to how linq to xml works, and cant write proper query.I thought about using regex find for this but I cannot figure out a way to add the incrementing attribute value I guess Im pushing the boundaries of whats capable with LINQ to XML but Id like to select a group of elements that contain values that match a value contained in another element node.I have an xml file that returns a set of elements that are unique by a attribute value. I have been learning LINQ to XML however I ran into a senario where Im a little stuck. If I have the following XMLvar queryxDoc.Descendants("car"). .Where(x> x.Elements("property"). .Any(y>y. Attribute("name").Value.Contains("4doors"))) Hi, I would like to extract all field nodes attribute Title value into a list using (string)myEl.Attribute("title") where myXmlDoc is the XML document. Hi, I would like to extract all field nodes attribute Title value into a list using (string)myEl.Attribute("title") where myXmlDoc is the XML document. I want to extract Node values of and that comes under attribute Title with ValueXYZ. I tried something like this using Linq to Xml , but not getting expecting resultSelect(element > element.Value).ToList()

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