javascript setinterval function with arguments





So I extract the graphing code into a module with require.js, and define a class that performs the graphing to isolate each graph from the others, but suddenly setInterval doesnt work.javascript passing arguments through functions and a contribution with . The two most basic async codes of Javascript are the setTimeout and setInterval functions. The setTimeout function is used to execute a specified function after a given time interval. It accepts two arguments: the callback function and the time (in millisecond). Implement Setinterval() With "random Array Picker". Javascript Timer " setinterval" Question. Where Do I Place "setinterval" In This Code?function takes two arguments the number to search for the number array to search function returns the array index at which the number was found, or -1 if intId setInterval(function()waiting(argument), 10000)Or use the optional parameters of the setInterval() function: This creates a parameterless anonymous function which calls waiting() with arguments. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks