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Django. Home » Html » Change label text using Javascript.document.getElementById(lbltipAddedComment).innerText your tip has been submitted!I was struggling with changing the value of a label as well, until I tried this. id like to have 2 javascript variables that will get its values from 2 labels.var map new GMap2(document.getElementById("map")) var lat parseFloat(document. getElementById("latlbl").value) Post New Web Links. lose label value when set in Javascript. Posted By: Posted Date: September 07, 2010 Points: 0 Category :ASP.Net.Thanks. .net 4 framework getelementbyid for javascript without clientid. I thought I heard we would be able to get the value of an asp:textbox by id with javascript in Either use getElementById properly, i.e. remove the : Var label document.

getElementById(commentID) Or use jQuery: Var label (theID) Note that labels dont have a value property. I wrote the javascript below, .How to write in browser page using javascript? How a procedure can be encrypted? What is limiation of TEMP table? JS- getElementById. JavaScript Validation.var numdocument.getElementById("number").value In this code getElementById received value from input field which have id number.

I need to pass value from a javascript function to a label in an asp/aspx page. I cannot find information on this anywhere, has this been done before.document.getElementById(ID).innerHTML Text Then call this function from somewhere, assuming id is "ctrl1" Get value from JavaScript set label I have a JavaScript which sets the innerHTML attrubute of a asp: Label like this: sb.Append("document.getElementById("" lbl.ClientIDIt should workone option is using "Session variable". Populate session variable in JS and read between postbacks. Using .innerText should work. document.getElementById(lbltipAddedComment).innerText your tip has been submitted!Linked. 0. Set value inside label using javascript. Can anybody sugest me how to get the id from for value of the

In IE6 and Netscape 7 (I dont know about other browsers), the text can be changed in at